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The first steps for a new website.

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The first steps for a new website.

Post by CaamanoParker on Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:52 pm

Whether you decide to create the website yourself or get a custom web design made by a professional web designer, a successful website should be developed with a proper plan, content and optimization in mind. In the case of a small business the content should be developed by the owner itself. You may hire a copywriter to help you in adding the right words, but only you know what the goals of your business are. So you are the one who must develop the content.
While developing the content, arrange it in a logically structured manner. Don’t make the page overcrowded. An average of 250 words per page would be enough. Consider the keyword that users might use to search for you and use them throughout the website.
The homepage is the entrance to your website and should contain information about your business, what it provides, where you are located etc. Too much information might be cumbersome to visitors and they might navigate away. So always take enough time to develop the first page of your website.
Always let the information be short and precise. Include references from popular sites and links to other web pages. Sometimes, even if the content is fantastic, a bad web design can ruin it. A well designed, attractive website is the key to a successful web presence. It is worth getting a custom web design designed by a professional.
It is always better to visit websites of your competitors and analyze its features. Is it attractive? What outstanding features have they implemented? Does the design attract customers or does it drive you away, creating a bad impression about the site? Also pay attention to the images, graphics etc used throughout the website. Most importantly, easy navigation should be possible. The customer should be able to find what they want with least efforts, i.e., quickly and easily. These are the main factors to keep in mind for a new website.


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