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Microsoft Kinect used for massage therapy

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Microsoft Kinect used for massage therapy Empty Microsoft Kinect used for massage therapy

Post by Justin_Romile on Mon May 16, 2011 10:22 pm

With another hardware hack, Microsoft's Kinect gaming accessory can now become an important tool for massage therapists, too.

Jason Stevens from New York University's Interactive Technology Department used a video projector and the OpenKinect Libraries programming tools for the hack.

Using the Kinect's camera depth perception, the setup lets a video projector relay the Kinect's output onto the client's body, thus becoming a colorful guide for the therapist, according to an article on PC World.

It does not need green-screening to focus, and it can also judge the distance and movement of the body rather than relying on bright spots or colors, the article pointed out.

Also, while the therapist massages and moves parts of the body, the Kinect and computer translate the movements into a "flow field."

The flow field is projected back onto the client's body, and a therapist can then see the lines where he/she has already been.

But the hack is still a work in progress, with Stevens working to add more aids like live video for clients to watch the therapist's flow fields.

Before this, a group of students had used the Kinect in a setup that allows enhanced video-conferencing.

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