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Internet Explorer 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

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Internet Explorer 7 Keyboard Shortcuts Empty Internet Explorer 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Post by Justin_Romile on Thu May 13, 2010 11:10 am

The Basics

* Stop page from loading - Esc

* Refresh a page - F5

* Set focus on address box - ALT+D

* Go back a page - ALT+Left Arrow

* Go forward a page - ALT+Right Arrow

* Open link in new window - Shift+Click

* Add site to favorites - CTRL+D

* Open context menu - Shift+F10


* Open new tab - CTRL+T

* Open link in new tab - CTRL+Shift+Click

* Open link in new behind current tab - CTRL+Click or Middle mouse button over link

* Switch between tabs - CTRL+Tab or CTRL+Shift+Tab

* Close tab - CTRL+W or Click middle mouse button over tab

* Close all other tabs - CTRL+ALT+F4

* Jump to tab - CTRL+tab number

* Open quick tabs - CTRL+Q


* Set focus in search box - CTRL+E

* Change search provider while search box active - CTRL+Down arrow

* Search in new tab - ALT+Enter

Page Zooming

* Zoom in - CTRL+(+ key) or CTRL+Mouse wheel up

* Zoom out - CTRL+(- key) or CTRL+Mouse wheel down

* Zoom 100% - CTRL+0

* Change text size - CTRL+Mouse wheel up or down

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